Activity Boxes

Nothing replaces braiding a foretop, sweeping the aisle, or jogging a horse on the track – we know that! But, in an effort to still provide some education and a whole lot of fun, HHYF will be offering “Activity Boxes” this summer – four boxes in all, one each for May, June, July, and August.

The boxes will contain games and to-do projects all related to horses and harness racing. The activities have each been carefully intertwined with the usual subjects  of art, math, science, language arts, history, social sciences and even some vocabulary words.

Because our usual audience of campers is usually 10-year-olds and older, the box content is geared for ages 10 to 13 but, of course, older teens will find most of the material entertaining too.

Activity Boxes are currently unavailable for ordering as we work to create the next version.