Meet Our Stable

HHYF programs utilize Trottingbreds, a smaller breed related to the Standardbreds which also race. Trottingbreds have their own racing circuits in the Midwest, Canada and Bermuda. For more on Trotttingbreds, go to

While many people refer to the HHYF stable member as ponies, they are not. The Trottingbred does carry pony blood – Shetland, Welsh, Hackney and other – but it has been recognized as a breed since 1977. Today, no ponies can be introduced into the bloodline, although Standardbred blood is periodically infused to build speed. Trottingbreds cannot be registered to race if they stand more than 51½ inches at the withers (under 13 hands) as compared to Standardbreds who stand at least a foot taller.

The HHYF Trottingbreds are wintered over at Diamond Creek Farm in Pennsylvania and Kentucky prior to being shipped to their spring homes for training and then hitting the road for summer camps and programs.

CD’s Miss M (aka Missy)


Missy is the self-appointed, traveling matriarch of the HHYF stable; she provides stability and balance.  She’s good gaited and fun to drive plus fast. Her hair still frizzes in the humidity of summer!

Ima’s Hit (aka Homer)

“Homer” is a great teacher of patience – for participants and program instructors. He’s the kid who “just gives enough” but not too much, and he makes you work for what you want from him! Now become mostly white; he even has a dapper white streak in his foretop.

I Want Another (aka WaWa)

As the sole trotter in the HHYF stable, WaWa has adapted very well into the ranks. Those long legs, kind eyes, patience in the cross ties and willing attitude – all characteristics must appreciated by those still learning about how to harness.

L & S Golden Cherokee KC’s (aka Cherokee)

Raced at two but new to the HHYF program, Cherokee will need some time to acclimate to the routine. As with all young horses, it is important to give her time to figure out our expectations but we’re pretty sure she’ll adore all the attention!

Royal Attire (aka Roy)

Roy is a handsome fellow; he’s suave, curious, and gutsy and a rock star on the track. As innocent as he seems, just keep an eye on the stall door as he likes to check out the nearby hay stall if given the opportunity.

Sweet Karen (aka Karen)

Now semi-retired, “Karen” plays the role of “diva” to a T. She is our outreach ambassador par excellence. She does not travel with the team, but has her own schedule of  meet and greets throughout the year. Thanks to careful management, she has a new lease on life because of her youthful physique…so much so that the rumor is some of the Diamond Creek stallions think she’s pretty great company when she hangs out in the adjoining paddock.