HHYF Programs

HHYF offers a variety of programs for youth and student groups of any size or interest level. Contact our Executive Director, Ellen Taylor, at 317-908-0029 to discuss your needs.

Below are a list of the different programs that HHYF offers throughout the year. If you are interested in attending a camp this year, head on over to the Schedule & Applications page where you’ll find all of the information you need to sign up and register for a camp!

Racetrack & Training Programs

1-day event: Hands-on introduction to harness racing with each participant getting a chance to jog a horse accompanied by a licensed trainer or driver.

2-day camp: A more in-depth program which includes more interaction with other areas of racing — race office personnel, veterinarian or farrier — for example. May be a day camp or an overnight camp.

5-day camp: Our signature program, featuring activities performed in an actual racing stable and a culminating in driving exhibitions by participants with assistance from professional drivers. (Can be offered as a day-camp or an overnight camp).

Leadership camp: For previous camp attendees this “next level” camp allows participants to look more seriously at equine careers and  educational opportunities after high school. In addition, it offers individual leadership workshops and and training. Usually a five day event.

Outreach Programs

Library Program: 60-90 minute introduction to harness racing. When possible, participants get to meet one of our Trottingbreds.

Scouting/Youth Group Program: Similar to our library program, but more tailored to a specific age-range.

4-H/Pony Club Program: Designed with your group’s specific area in mind. Typically 90-120 minutes, but full-day programs are available.

Home School Program: Customizable depending on the size and age-range of your group. Study guides and other materials are provided.

Other Programs

HHYF attends events across the country to spread the word about harness racing. We participate in county fairs, equine education activities ans youth expos and major racing events like the Hambletonian, the Little Brown Jug. You provide a tent and a tables, we provide the educators, activities and materials.